Kevin Petit

Just a regular ordinary coding monkey.

I’m a 25 year old teenager tweener (is that even a word?) from Flanders (Belgium) with a passion for everything concering technology! I was born with a USB-cable instead of an umbilical cord and I started reading HTML/CSS before I could even say my first words in English (though my native language is Dutch).

My passions are programming (I’m most fluent in PHP and C#), managing servers (I have a long-lasting love relation with Linux and a more recent fling with Windows Server), game design and much more. I’m an eager person that always wants to learn new things, so I’m trying out all sorts of things all of time! Things that I’ve tried are WordPress, XOOPS, ImpressCMS, Concrete5, Invision Power Board, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Ubuntu, Windows & Windows Server, CentOS, ForkCMS and many others (I can’t remember them all!).

I’ve just finished a course of 6 months for System Admin in the Thomas More acadamy in Geel, where I learnt about Windows Server, Linux, SQL / SQL Server, CCNA 1-4 and virtualization with ESXi. Needless to say, I learnt a lot of things! Currently, I’m looking for a new challenge where I can put all of my talent to full use, one where I’m learning something new every day. Since I really love programming, I would prefer something in that direction ;). My main languages are PHP and C#, but I learn quickly.

My biggest positive points are my computer knowledge (it’s hard to find something I don’t know something about), my multi-tasking abilities (I fly on a computer) and I’m very driven - when I go for something, I go fully for it! I’m fully tri-lingual (if you don’t look at programming languages ;)!), but my French is the weakest one of all my languages. I’m near native on English though.

On other notes, I’m a huge book-lover and I read tons of books on my Kindle Paperwhite, I love the Harry Potter/Darren Shan/Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit books. Next to that I’m a huge fan of series like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Parks and Recreation, The Office, South Park, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, The IT Crowd and oh so many more! I also like the more special movies, like for example Repo: The Genetic Opera, The Devil’s Carnival, Imaginaerum by Nightwish and in general high fantasy movies.

Do you have any further questions? Don’t wait and just send them to me on - generally, I answer very quickly!


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