Welcome to my weblog - here you can find articles that I find interesting, things that I found out or just general talk.

I try to regularly post something here and I hope you’ll find something interesting here.

Most articles are in English, but you might be able to find a few in Dutch as well.

For those who do not know me yet, I’m Kevin and the administrator of Guild Wars Legacy which is the biggest Guild Wars 1 fansite on the internet. We launched with the site in May 2016 after it was announced that the previously biggest fansite, Guild Wars Guru, was to shut down. The community jumped into the hole that this closure caused and Legacy was born. We launched quite quickly, only days after the shutdown was announced.

Warning, this post is in Dutch. You might not understand it. Van harte welkom op mijn website en mijn blog! Ik ga alvast beginnen met een kleine waarschuwing, het is namelijk niet echt de bedoeling dat ik hier (veel) ga posten in het Nederlands - deze blog is hoofdzakelijk Engelstalig gericht. Ik kan echter niet uitsluiten dat ik ooit een paar Nederlandse blogs ga plaatsen, vandaar dat ik even deze post/waarschuwing plaats (met extra waarschuwing vanboven).

Hi. It’s a though nut to crack, the very first post. I’m writing this in PHPstorm, as I’m building on the blog view on my Hugo website. It’s the first time that I’ve built a template for a Hugo site, and it’s been a learning process. Not that I didn’t have any prior experience with Hugo - the previous version of this very website ran on it. But the previous version of my website was nothing more than a test, and I didn’t really use it at all.