The First Small Tweaks

Kevin Petit Apr 8, 2016

It’s only been a few hours, but I’ve already done the first tweaks on my new website! There’s still so much to do, like picking a great new background that fits who I am (though I like the one that’s in place now), choosing right images, modifying some CSS and so much more!

What I’ve already done now is added animate.css, which allows me to use some nifty CSS animations (like the ones you see everywhere on my site - a fade in effect which I really like).

Next to that I’m still getting used to working with markdown and writing my website in Sublime Text instead of some nifty interface. I’m really liking it! It’s such a great editor (I haven’t got it yet buy it now!).

So, expect even more updates in the future while I get even more experience with Hugo and static websites. So far, I’ve been loving it though!

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