Kevin Petit Apr 7, 2016

Welcome to my new website, my personal cubicle on the internet! I bid thee welcome on it!

As of now, there’s not much too see here, although the way this website is created is very interesting. This website is completely static - something I walked away from many years ago, but it looks like time has changed! My new website is generated by Hugo, wich is a static website generator built in Go. I’m really liking it so far! It’s also the first time I use a static web site generator, so it’s really exiting for me. But there’s always a beginning!

I hope I’ll be able to expand on what’s written here right now soon. In the coming days, I’ll expand the site with my complete portfolio (which I will write from scratch myself - no static generators there!). Next that I’ll also start modifying the theme that I’m using right now, and hack in some more effects and refinements. I like to make things “mine”.

So, for the time being, welcome. I hope we’ll hear more from each other soon!

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Kevin Petit

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