Sla Een IT'Er Aan De Haak!

Kevin Petit Apr 7, 2016
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During October 2015 - March 2016 I followed a course “System Admin” at the Thomas More academy in Geel. One of the parts of this course included the organization of a recruitment event at the academy for all the students in our group.

Together with the entire group, we organized this event with the aim of getting a traineeship or a job at an IT company. I was responsible for the creation of our website, as well as the branding that we were going to use for the event. I was also responsible for sending out several mailings to companies to get them to come to our event.

The website that I build for this event is based upon CodeIgniter, with the front-end part built upon Zurb Foundation 5. Thanks to these choices, the site is very light-weight and responds quickly. The entire CMS has been built by me and allows for admin users to add new users, lets users manage and fill in their own profiles, allows the upload of a resume as well as a photograph and allows the customization of the profile color. For security measurements, all input is checked with HTMLpurifier.

I also designed and created the branding that was used by others in our group to create a YouTube video clip as well as business cards.

You can still visit the website on

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