Dit ben ik!

Hi there, I'm Kevin Petit

... and welcome to my website!

As an infrastructure and automation engineer at Klarrio, I tend to have quite busy days, but I try to post regular blogs here - both IT related or something completely different like roller coasters, theme parks or even music. Welcome!

Feel free to browse around, read some of my blog articles, find out about projects that I've worked on, browse my portfolio or to contact me.

Everything posted on this site is my own opinion and does not reflect my employers opinion.

Latest posts from my blog

Retrospective: May 2024

My first retrospective month. I did some cool stuff in May!

On redesigning my website and frameworks

Bring out the paint and a sledgehammer, changes are coming!

Sending an attachment using the Postal API

Who doesn't hate half documented API's?

Analyzing malware

A few days ago, somebody tried to spread malware using my website Guild Wars Legacy. I did not take kindly to that and decided to analyze the malware.

Minifying the Guild Wars Guru archive

Years ago, Guild Wars Guru stopped and we started hosting a downloaded version of it. It's huge, and this is how I'm minifying it.