Welcome to my weblog - here you can find articles that I find interesting, things that I found out or just general talk.

I try to regularly post something here and I hope you’ll find something interesting here.

Most articles are in English, but you might be able to find a few in Dutch as well.

Just a little notice that some major updates to the theme have rolled out. Nothing too spectacular, but nice refinements..

Another post in Dutch, you might not understand it if you don't speak Dutch. A rant about the Dutch hosting provider Versio raising its prices significantly.

Almost an entire essay explaining the move of Guild Wars Legacy from MyBB to Woltlab Suite Forum - what were the reasons, why did we pick Woltlab and a lot more.

The first post on my blog in Dutch - so you might not understand it. Just some background information about what I'm planning for this blog.

The first post on my blog, and I'm not really good in first posts, so expect a lot of rambling and random things. In other words, the things you visit this site for..