Layout Updates

Hey everybody,

Just a little notice that I refined the layout of the website, in preparation of another website that I’m going to use this theme on.

It requires just a little bit more work, some more refinements, but it’ll look very nice.

And today, a few months later, I’ve done some further work, making sure that the navigation is improved and giving some love to the blog overview and blog post overviews. The theme has been made by myself, so it requires some more maintenance :).

The previous update removed my resume from the site, as it was still hosted on a different system. I’ve worked hard and it’s now running natively within Hugo, but still requires a bit of polishing - my skillset keeps evolving, and that needs to be resembled on it as well. Look forward to my resume returning in a few weeks.

After that, I’ll start working on my project/tools.

Have a nice day!


Posted on Friday, 19 July 2019