The first blog

Hi. It’s a though nut to crack, the very first post.

I’m writing this in PHPstorm, as I’m building on the blog view on my Hugo website. It’s the first time that I’ve built a template for a Hugo site, and it’s been a learning process. Not that I didn’t have any prior experience with Hugo - the previous version of this very website ran on it.

But the previous version of my website was nothing more than a test, and I didn’t really use it at all. Time to change that, now.

My working days are completely different now and one of the reasons that I wasn’t posting here was mainly due to my job eating up nearly all of my free time - but now, I have decided to start sharing some more knowledge that I have gained.

Next to that, I built a portfolio last year that I am really proud of - it started out as an experiment in PHP, and I designed one of the best designs for a site that I ever made for it. I like the design of it so much, that this very website is based upon it - with some small tweaks, ofcourse.

It’s one of my cleanest designs ever and yet it feels so finished, so pure. However, much still needs to be done as I am writing this: there’s only half a template ready, but things are starting to look like they should. I should still hook the header image up into blogposts - blogposts should be able to override my body image. This should be cool.

Anyhow, it’s high time that I continue working on this - I’ll grab another glass of Coke and I’ll see you next time.

  • Yours truly, Kevin

Posted on Friday, 15 December 2017