A small month ago, in December 2018, I made a rage post (okay, I’m not above those) about one of the webhosts I used - Versio that announced a serious price raise.
It was mainly a webhoster that I used for testing purposes only - small test projects that were never meant to see the light of day - I have way too many of those.

However, today, I received another email about a price raise from another webhost - Neostrada - and a lot of users that previously were customers of Versio went on to go to Neostrada - something I avoided from the start, since both companies had been taken over in 2018 by the same company, TWS.
Once I realized that, I knew that it would happen at Neostrada as well - and all I had with them was a webhosting package that only was used for email.

Last month, when I wrote my rage-post about Versio (in Dutch), I decided to start a series on my site about webhosting - and I finally came to it.

Here you will be able to find a travel into what I think webhosting is and what you should look out for. I’ll even explain self-hosting, some hosts to do it with and give you a basic server setup.
And to finish that all of, I will also share some scripts to help you run your sites.

  • What is webhosting?