A few days ago, somebody tried to spread malware using my website Guild Wars Legacy. I did not take kindly to that and decided to analyze the malware.

For now, I haven't visited any park yet in 2021...

My doom post, now less doom!.

My doom post, now less doom!.

I went to a few theme parks this year. And I kept the data - nice graphs inside!

I ran into a nasty issue with my Mac at work, with high latency in my internal network. This is how to fix it.

Almost an entire essay explaining the move of Guild Wars Legacy from MyBB to Woltlab Suite Forum - what were the reasons, why did we pick Woltlab and a lot more.

The first post on my blog, and I'm not really good in first posts, so expect a lot of rambling and random things. In other words, the things you visit this site for..